• Online Workshops: Fall/Winter/Spring 2022-2023

    Full class descriptions below. Email crilling@hotmail.com for payment information

    December: 3-Day Cityscape Painting Intensive (Full)
    January: 5-Week Beginning Oil Class "Foundations of Oil Painting"
    February: Alla Prima- A Direct Approach to Painting Flowers. 3-Day Intensive Workshop. 2/17, 2/18 & 2/19. Description- scroll below.

    "On Painting Trees" A 2-Hour Lesson. 12/19/22 from 12pm-2pm Eastern Time. $65 (inquire for more information and registration: crilling@hotmail.com)

    Cityscape/Urbanscape Painting: A 3-Day Intensive Workshop
    Capturing the forms and light of the Urbanscape
    (This class is full)

    Friday December 9th, Saturday December 10th, and Sunday December 11th. 2022.
    11am-1:30pm EDT each day. (Philadelphia Time Zone)

    Architecture can appear overwhelming, but by training our eye to see past detail, we can convey buildings in paint very powerfully. In this class students will strengthen their perceptual acuity with regards to seeing buildings and structures more confidently and clearly: simplifying, conveying details, edge control, mark-making, sighting angles and how to assess perspective issues quickly and simply.
    On day one we will learn how to simplify complex information and capture the essence of what we see without getting bogged down in detail and minutiae. We will begin by completing smaller and faster studies, while working in either grayscale or a limited palette. These small studies will teach us how to see complex information simple, and clearly.

    On days two and three we will begin longer session paintings. We will use a full palette and slowly begin adding details, learning how to sight angles, assess perspective issues simply, and vary our edges and marks to create more nuanced paintings.

    Students can work outdoors or from photographs. The demos will be done indoors from reference photos.

    Main topics addressed: selecting a powerful motif, simplifying, limiting values and shapes, edges, color, perspective and angles.

    Each day will consist of slides & discussion, Q&A, and demonstration. A short break will be taken during the class.

    Students are encouraged to work on the lesson in the afternoon, after the class session. I will be available from 2:30-5:30pm each day on the Zoom call after class to give immediate feedback on work and answer questions.

    Photo references: Students enrolled in this class will be working largely from photo references. Please gather a series of references of complex buildings or cityscape images that show a clear light source, revealing both a light side and dark side of the buildings. This is very important. *No flat light references. (As needed, some photo references will be share for class exercises to the Padlet group)

    All sessions are recorded and available for review for 30 days. Work will be critiqued for two weeks following the end of the course.
    Private Padlet group for posting work
    A supply list will be sent upon registration
    Tuition: $260

    *Payment is required at the time of registration. Email crilling@hotmail.com for payment information.

    Foundations of Oil Painting 5 Weeks (WINTER 2023)
    -January 17th-February 14th, 2023
    -Tuesdays from 12pm-2pm EST (Philadelphia Time Zone)

    This class is for the beginner oil painter who is seeking a strong foundation in painting still-life and a deeper understanding of oil painting practices. This in-depth class will equip students will the tools to paint on their own, take more advanced classes, or explore different genres. Art historical images and lectures will support each lesson.
    Each week will address a different topic relating to oil painting and still-life painting. The two hours will consist of Q&A, lecture, and then demo. Students are encouraged to participate and ask questions during class. If one wishes to, painting while I demo is fine. Critiques will be given outside of class time throughout the week.

    Week 1: Oil paints and what they are, mediums, solvents, brushes and palette knives, canvases and boards, cleaning of brushes. Demo: mixing, creating a grayscale, sphere and elements of form.
    Week 2: Form and light. Setting up and lighting a still-life. Mixing tints and shades. Begin single-object still-life.
    Week 3: Color and Value. Underpaintings and how to utilize them. Move to 2-object still-life.
    Week 4: Rendering man-made objects: symmetry, ellipses, form. Continue 2-object still-life.
    Week 5: Looking at different genres, how paintings can be made with different approaches.

    -All sessions are recorded via Zoom and available for 30 days for review. Work will be critiqued for two weeks following the end of the course.
    -Private Padlet group for posting work for critique
    -Detailed supply list will be sent after registration
    -Medium: Oil
    -Tuition: $275. Email crilling@hotmail.com for payment information.


    February 17th, 18th, and 19th
    Friday 12pm-2pm EST
    Saturday 12pm-2pm EST
    Sunday 12pm-2pm EST
    (Class times are based on Eastern Time/Philadelphia area)

    This is a fast-paced and exciting workshop; students will be work quickly and directly, responding to these evocative natural forms. Each morning will consist of lecture, slides, discussion, and an hour-long demo. Students are encouraged to complete or begin the lesson during the afternoon, and work from life. Instructor will be available on the Zoom call from 3pm-6pm each day to give feedback.

    Friday: Simplifying & Mixing Clean Color. On this first day we will focus on learning how to simplify the abundance of detail we see in flower forms. We will work from simple "closed form" flowers. Through understanding the underlying form of flowers, these complex shapes become much easier to translate and to paint. We will mix with intention to produce luminous color.

    Saturday and Sunday: On these two days we will shift our focus to letting go of the literal nature of the florals, how to work with more direct mark-making, and learning how to vary the thickness of the painted surface.

    * "Alla Prima” translates to “at once”. This simply means paintings are completed in a single session, directly. This yields a fresh and looser result.

    Sessions are recorded and available for 30 days
    Private Padlet group for posting work and critiques
    Medium: Oil or Acrylic. Demos will be done in oil
    Level: Advanced beginner to advanced
    Tuition: $260
    Email crilling@hotmail.com to enroll and for payment information.
    * Supply list will be sent upon registration

    REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds or transfers for online classes. If one cannot attend live, recordings are available. In the unlikely event that a class is cancelled, students will receive a full refund.

    Maine Outdoor Landscape Painting. 7-Day Workshop. August 2023: TBA


    "Atmosphere and Edges: Building Depth Into The Landscape"
    (this class is full, email to be added to waitlist)
    3-Day Intensive, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 14th-16th
    October 14th: 12pm-2pm EST
    October 15th: 12pm-2pm EST
    October 16th: 12pm-2pm EST
    (Class times listed are based on Philadelphia time zone)

    This weekend intensive class is for the painter with a foundation in landscape painting looking to build more depth, richness, and atmosphere into their work. On day one class details will be discussed, after which the lesson and demo will focus on color mixing and creating exciting yet subtle color and value shifts to indicate depth. The work will be done in studio. On day two the focus will shift more towards shapes and edges - how these elements can also help to build depth into a landscape. The exercises will be fun and exploratory, challenging our perception, and heightening our visual acuity. The last day we will bring our focus to both atmospheric and linear perspective- how this can be applied to our painting when incorporating buildings and man-made elements.

    Each session will consist of slides & discussion, and an hour long demo. Students are encouraged to begin the lesson during the afternoon. I will be available on the Zoom call from 3pm-6pm each day to give feedback and answer questions.

    -All sessions are recorded via Zoom and available for 30 days for review. Work will be critiqued for two weeks following the end of the course.
    -Private Padlet group for posting work for critique
    -Supply list will be sent upon registration.
    -Oil or Acrylic work best for this class, demos will be done in oil
    -Tuition: $250. Email crilling@hotmail.com for payment information.

    NOVEMBER 2022:
    (Full, email to be added to waitlist)
    After the Masters: Studying Composition and Shape. Transcriptions in Gouache and Acrylic
    4-Week Course. Tuesdays 11/1, 11/8, 11/15, 11/29
    12-2pm Eastern Time (Philadelphia Time Zone)

    Through use of a fast drying medium, we will explore the exciting underpinnings of masterworks from the 13th to 19th C. By engaging in a deep examination of shape, rhythm, tone, and color, our pictorial skills become markedly stronger. We will look at master work that is based on the figure, still-life, landscape, and the interior.
    From the shapes in a Piero della Francesca painting, to Giotto, and Degas, and the rhythmic lines in a Cassatt, these works can guide our personal work and compel us to think more intentionally about our own compositions.

    The class will be broken down into weekly exercises. By using gouache or acrylic the transcriptions (copies) can be done quite quickly and kept at a small scale. Students can work from images posted to our online classroom or from their own research.

    Class will consist of discussion, lecture, and demos. Classes are recorded if students cannot attend live.

    Supplies: A basic supply list will be sent after registration.
    Online classroom: Private online classroom via "Padlet" for enrolled students
    Zoom: Classes conducted via Zoom and are recorded for review

    Email crilling@hotmail.com for payment and registration

    General Supply List (oil):

    Materials List for Claudia Rilling

    • Paper Towels / rags
    • Portable easel if working outside (landscape classes)
    • Canvas Panels, stretched canvas, or gesso primed paper (any size you feel comfortable working in, but starting smaller is a good idea) 8x8, 10x10, 8x12, etc. Size is based on personal preference.

    • Paint Brushes- It’s good to have a variety of brushes that range in both type and size. Rounds, Flats, and Filberts are all good
    • Paper Palette (or whatever you prefer) - at least 12x16. Or, if using a portable easel, it may come with a nice palette.
    • Metal palette knife. A pointed end is best, not larger than 3 inches long.
    • Some Paints: (or use what you have)
    Burnt Umber—Yellow Ochre or transparent earth yellow— Ivory Black — Cadmium Red— Cadmium Yellow Light or Medium— Ultramarine Blue— Titanium White (large tube is best)- Alizarin crimson- Sap green
    • Any other colors that you like
    • Feel free to experiment with other tube greens and blues like Permanent Green, Emerald Green, Cadmium Green, Pthalo Blue (VERY strong), Phtalo Green (VERY strong), Prussian Blue, Cerulean Blue, etc.
    • The brand I prefer: Gamblin or Windsor Newton oil paint
    • The best student grade paint is Gamblin 1980 (avoid other student grade paints)

    • Liquin Original or linseed oil– Not needed if working in acrylic
    • Odorless Turpenoid or Gamsol– Not needed if working in acrylic
    • Jars or cups for medium and thinner. Make sure the lid seals tightly.
    • Optional: view finder (you can make a homemade version with pieces of cardboard taped together)
    • Small sketchbook and pencil/markers. "Tombow" value markers are great for value studies.

    • Gesso (optional to prime surfaces) : Professional Grade White Acrylic Gesso. “Golden” brand is good.

  • Jerusalem Studio School in Italy: Painting Workshop, July 2019

    "Painting a Dynamic Landscape"
    Jerusalem Studio School: Painting Workshop, July 1-15, 2019
    Affiliate Workshop hosted by The JSS in Civita Castellana, Italy

  • Workshops and Teaching

    MAINE: SUMMER 2022
    7-Day Landscape Painting Intensive
    August, 2022. 8/22-8/28

    Please email crilling@hotmail.com for more details

    I am excited to announce a new outdoor landscape painting workshop I am hosting from on the beautiful Maine coast in Pemaquid Point, Bristol, Maine. This area was a destination for painters- among them Andrew Wyeth, Fairfield Porter, Robert Henri.
    The focus will be landscape painting, and will involve ample instruction and feedback.
    We will cover composition and simplifying the landscape, atmospheric perspective, architecture, color, value, edges and marks. Please note- this is not a "tips and tricks" plein air workshop, but rather an opportunity to strengthen your painting skills, using landscape as a departure point. The views are stunning, the weather is cool, and we will also take one day trip to paint on the picturesque Monhegan Island.

    Level: intermediate to advanced
    *Prior outdoor landscape painting experience required.
    Reserve your space soon. Space is limited.

    Mentoring and private lessons:
    -Inquire for availability


    Portrait drawing published in "Lessons in Classical Drawing" by Juliette Aristides